PONi Brow Love Soft Brow Pencil

This retractable brow pencil delivers a natural, super quick pop of volume and colour to create perfect brows. Brow Love features an oval-shaped tip on one end and spoolie brush at the other, perfect for soft, natural lines and a feathered, fluffy brow finish! Use the Spoolie brush to boost volume and ensure no hair is out of place. You'll never be too busy to do your brows again with Brow Love ensuring an easy and instant application.

Choose from 5 lovable colours:

Little Palomino #1 - Warm blonde to light brown hair.
Palomino #2 - Cool blonde to light brown hair.
Chestnut #3 - Medium brown to reddish hair.
Thoroughbred #4 - Dark brown to black hair.
Black Beauty #5 - Black Hair.

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